What is the physical address of the Wilson Police Department and the Office of the Sherriff?
How do I search for a report if I am unsure of the spelling of the name?
What should I do if I cannot find my report?
What range of time is allowed for a search on a report?
How do I find out if someone is in jail, or what their bond amount is?
How do I find out if a warrant is outstanding on me or someone else?
How can I file a report to the police or the sheriff?
How do I file a complaint or a concern about a department member?
Where can I find additional information about the Office of the Sheriff?
What should I do about a noise complaint within the City Limits?
When must a motor vehicle collision be reported?
What agency will investigate a motor vehicle collision?
What if I disagree with the information on accident report?
Do Wilson Police Officers have to issue a citation to determine who was at fault?
What if I did not report the accident at the time it occurred? Can I file an accident report at a later time?
Where do I pay parking, cruising, and speeding tickets?
How can I apply for a job with Wilson Police Department?
What is the Citizen’s Police Academy and how can I apply?
How do I hire a Wilson Police Department officer for Secondary Employment?

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