Daily Bulletin for Wilson Police and Office of the Sheriff
ARREST- 1) Communicating Threat...
at 1200-BLK Crawford St S/randolph St S
You can use the % as a wildcard in the name search at any point if you are unsure of the spelling of the name. For example: Wil% __________________ This site supports IE 7 and above and Firefox 3.6 and above.
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Pop-up Blockers MUST be disabled to view reports. Contact your Internet Service Provider if you do not know how to disable them. This function will provide all the accident, arrest or incident reports for the time period specified within a maximum date range of 300 days. You can limit the search by entering a name or an address. There is a mapping function at the bottom of the page that enables you to view events in your neighborhood, just specify a search range from your house.
This site now provides reports for both the Wilson Police and Office of the Sheriff.
This tool allows citizens to go online and map crimes that have occurred in their neighborhoods. Just enter your street name and select a search range, then click on the google map feature at the bottom of the screen.
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