What is the physical address of the Wilson Police Department and the Office of the Sherriff?
Wilson Police Department, 120 Goldsboro Street East, Wilson, NC 27893. Office of the Sheriff, 100 Green Street East, Wilson, NC 27893.

How do I search for a report if I am unsure of the spelling of the name?
You can use the % as a wildcard in the name search at any point in the spelling. For example: Wil%

What should I do if I cannot find my report?
Please allow 48 hours for reports to clear all the review processes. Then if you cannot locate your report, using the event location contact the Wilson Police Department at (252)399-2323 if within the city, or the Office of the Sheriff at (252) 237-2118 between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. We will be happy to assist you.

What range of time is allowed for a search on a report?
You can search for a time period from 1-300 days. This can be over a 10 month period such as February 10 to November 10 as long as the total range is not more than 300 days or the starting range is not before February 1, 2008.

How do I find out if someone is in jail, or what their bond amount is?
Please contact the Office of the Sheriff (252) 237-2522.

How do I find out if a warrant is outstanding on me or someone else?
You may check for outstanding warrants on line by clicking on the Wanted List Tab. You may also check for outstanding warrants by calling (252) 399-2323 or (252)237-2118 Monday-Friday 8:00-5:00.

How can I file a report to the police or the sheriff?
If it is a crime in progress, or that just occurred, please call 911. If the incident occurred in the City of Wilson and is not currently in progress, you can call the non-emergency number 252-399-2323 or outside the city limits you may call 252-237-2118. You can also file a report by going to the Report Incident tab.

How do I file a complaint or a concern about a department member?
Contact the Wilson Police Department switchboard operator at (252) 399-2323 or the Office of the Sheriff at (252) 237-2118 and inform them that you want to make a complaint. They can either transfer you to a supervisor or have a supervisor call you back.

Where can I find additional information about the Office of the Sheriff?
Go to the link on the Home page for Office of the Sheriff FAQ or type in the following web address in your brower: http://www.wilson-co.com/FAQ.aspx

What should I do about a noise complaint within the City Limits?
Contact the non-emergency number at Wilson County 911 Center (252) 237-8300 and when the recording begins press #2 on your telephone. Please give the 911 operator the location where the noise is coming from and what type of noise it is. Please be as specific as possible with your description – i.e. loud music emitting from a blue 4 door Honda Accord that is sitting on the street with three white female occupants. An officer will respond and determine if the noise violates current noise ordinance provision. If a violation is verified, the offender may be warned, cited or arrested, depending on how many times the site is visited, observation made by the officer, and other circumstances that will have to be evaluated at the time of the call. The complainant is not obligated to have the officer contact him/her during the investigation of the noise complaint; however, if the complainant would like to speak to an officer by telephone or in person, the caller needs to convey their wishes to the 911 operator.

When must a motor vehicle collision be reported?
A reportable motor vehicle traffic crash must meet at least one of the following criteria: 1. The crash resulted in a fatality, or 2. The crash resulted in a non-fatal personal injury, or 3. The crash resulted in total property damage amounting to $1,000.00 or more, or 4. The crash resulted in property damage of any amount to a vehicle seized.

What agency will investigate a motor vehicle collision?
1. Crashes occurring within the city limits of the City of Wilson will be investigated by the Wilson Police Department. Occasionally crashes occurring within one mile of the city limits will be investigated by the Wilson Police Department. 2. Crashes occurring in the roadway outside of city limits will be investigated by the North Carolina Highway Patrol. 3. Crashes occurring on privately owned property outside of the city limits will be investigated by the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office.

What if I disagree with the information on accident report?
Crash reports are filed for the use of the Division of Motor Vehicles. The data is collected for statistical analysis and subsequent highway safety programming. These reports are used so that changes can be made to dangerous intersections and roadways. The information on the report does not determine who was at fault in the accident. Officers rarely witness an accident when it occurs. Officers investigating crashes have to examine the accident scene and evaluate statements from drivers, and witnesses. Officers will attempt to objectively report what he or she feels is the most likely sequence of events leading to the crash. The information in the crash report will be based on the officer’s professional opinion. “Fault” is determined by insurance companies or the state’s courts. If you feel that the accident report is not correct, you should notify your insurance company and inform them of your version of the crash. Your insurance company may decide to file a claim or suit against the other driver’s insurance. Your company may decide to settle a claim or suit that was filed against your insurance. This decision is up to the insurance companies. In the event that the insurance companies cannot settle, then the case can be resolved in court.

Do Wilson Police Officers have to issue a citation to determine who was at fault?
Since Wilson Police Officers do not determine who is at fault at an accident, there is no requirement that an officer has to issue a citation to the driver who was at fault. This decision is left to the officer’s discretion. Officers are encouraged to use factors such as reckless driving, alcohol or drug use, severity of injuries, or extensive property damage when determining whether or not to issue a citation.

What if I did not report the accident at the time it occurred? Can I file an accident report at a later time?
You can file a crash report at a later time; however, you will need to have the information from the other party involved. Officers will attempt to locate and interview the other party before completing the report. This may require extra time for the investigation to be completed. Also, since the crash was not investigated at the scene, valuable information may be lost.

Where do I pay parking, cruising, and speeding tickets?
For your convenience, the City of Wilson provides three locations in which to pay parking tickets. The first location is the Customer Service Center at 208 Nash Street. The hours are from 08:30a.m. until 5:00pm. Monday thru Friday. There is an outside drop box near the drive-thru available twenty- four hours, Monday thru Sunday. A second location is City Hall at Wilson Mall, 1501 Ward Boulevard. Hours are 10:00a.m. until 8:00p.m. Monday thru Friday, and 10:00a.m. until 2:00p.m. on Saturday. The third location is located at the Wilson Police Department South District, 701 U.S. 301 North with a drive thru that is open Monday thru Friday from 8:30a.m. until 5:00p.m. You may make payment also thru mail. The ticket itself is designed for return mail with address stamped on the back of the ticket itself. The mailing address is City of Wilson Finance Department; Collection Division. P.O. Box 10 Wilson, N.C. 27893. Fines may be paid by cash, check, money order, debit or credit card.

How can I apply for a job with Wilson Police Department?
You can download an application which is on the City of Wilson’s website at https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/wilsonnc. You can also contact the recruiting coordinator, Officer Sacejewia White at 252-246-1107.

What is the Citizen’s Police Academy and how can I apply?
This course will allow citizens to learn about the functions of the Wilson Police Department, meet staff and enjoy some hands-on training. This is a nine-week academy and the class is free and open to citizens. For an application, call Officer Kolly Burritt, Wilson Police Department at 252-399-2350.

How do I hire a Wilson Police Department officer for Secondary Employment?
Some businesses choose to employ officers in a secondary employment capacity for security purposes. Contact Sandy Hernandez at (252) 399-2345 for more information.

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